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For rapid prototypes, engineering services and manufacturing tools.

If you’re looking to order commercial-grade 3D prints or get a quote for low volume plastic or metal parts, you’re in the right place! Our shop can make pretty much anything, and even if there’s something we can’t do, we almost always know someone who can.

We also have a full team of engineers with both product and manufacturing design expertise in various industries available on a contract or project basis. With engineering and prototyping under one roof, we excel at taking designs through the entire development process.

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 Engineering Services Quote

Our versatile team is available to support your project on-site or remotely, on a project or contract basis, from CAD designers and mechanical engineers to engineering project managers and manufacturing experts.


 3D Printing Quote

We offer a variety of 3D printing materials and methods to meet your needs along with a team of master craftsmen to create the right surface finish and engineers to help design for print and production.


 Urethane Castings Quote

Urethane compounds can be made to match exact material properties for virtually any type of plastic or foam, making them perfect for prototyping and even as a short term or low volume production solution.


CNC Machining Quote

Our CNC machinists excel at cutting intricate prototypes from a variety of materials. We also supply low volume production parts and collaborate with engineering to ensure parts are designed for optimal CNC machining.


Jigs & Fixtures Quote

From simple nests and holding fixtures to complex testing equipment, we help tackle manufacturing challenges, providing both short and long term solutions to help you avoid downtime, and optimize uptime.


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Check out our prototyping services overview to learn about all the different materials and processes we use to create custom parts that meet our customer’s specifications. If you’re still in the design phase, you might want to start with our engineering services overview. Or browse our FAQs for answers.

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