Prototyping services For Design evaluations, Sales demos and production support

More than your average model shop, we empower manufacturers to materialize concepts quickly, demonstrate features smartly, launch production faster, streamline operations, and maximize uptime. Our extensive knowledge of product design for a multitude of manufacturing methods and materials helps our customers stay on the path to success.

We employ some of the best craftsmen in the business, and supplement their talent with commercial 3D printers, CNC machines, and other equipment. Top performing manufacturers continue to rely on our expert model shop for prototypes, low volume solutions, and custom production equipment because we look at every project from an engineer’s perspective. 

Not only can we provide quick-turnaround on custom parts, we can often suggest an easier or more efficient way to go about something than you may have in mind, saving time, money and headaches.

We are more than your average prototype shop for a number of reasons, including the following:

  1. Our in-house engineering team can make CAD models and drawings as needed, ensure that parts conform to design specs, and even lead full builds of complex machinery and equipment with moving parts and pieces. Learn about our engineering services here.

  2. We can leverage our network of trusted partners to further expand our capabilities in order to meet our customer’s needs.

What are our capabilities? Being a custom job shop, the variety of work we do makes it difficult for us to sum up our services in a list. Some of our main service offerings are listed below. If you’re not sure what you need, or you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Fill out the contact form below to tell us about your project–the more information you provide regarding your goals and plans for your concept, the better we can help you. Or feel free to give us a call at 1.616.772.4560.


Commercial 3D Prints

More than a 3D print house, we apply various 3D printing technologies and materials to help customers reach their goals, including rapid prototyping, sales models and displays, and even production parts.


Urethane Castings

We use various urethane compounds to create molded parts mimicking true production materials–without the tooling investment or long lead time. This process produces first shots within a few days.


Jigs and Fixtures

We help you ensure quality, efficiency and worker safety by designing and building manufacturing tools that can position, hold, protect and organize components and subassemblies in production.


High Level Finishing

Our model makers often refer to finished prototypes as fine jewelry. They take deep pride in the quality of their work and want to make sure your designs shine for sales presentations and exhibitions.


Prototype Machining

Our machinists excel at cutting prototypes and unique parts. We accommodate all your CAD/CAM design needs–and having a full engineering team in the next room keeps the process fluid and efficient.


Functional Assemblies

We excel at creating complete models with integrated electronics, lighting, and mechanics, varied materials and production methods, and tight tolerances. When you want it to function properly, count on Broadview.


craftsmanship and technology to make your program shine

Control systems and technology solutions company, GHSP, wanted to make a virtual splash at the Consumer Electronics Show exhibiting futuristic product applications for industries like automotive and high-end appliances. Our engineers and model makers helped bring their ambitious vision to life.

Initially, we were brought on to make a cover piece for the controls interface in their autonomous vehicle display because of our reputation for creating beautiful surface finishes on clear 3D prints. They wanted the cover to be touch-sensitive and “dead-fronted” in piano black, which allowed the control panel to shine through when it was on and go black when it was off.

Our engineers had to make some adjustments to their CAD data before printing, and saw a better way to achieve the sharp, cohesive look they wanted. Instead of CNC machining the control panel track and then finishing it, we engineered the whole assembly to be 3D printed using SLA and FDM technologies, saving our customer precious time and money.

The FDM printed chasis provided a strong structure with built-in nesting features for the video hardware and controls. The clear SLA covers were more chemical and solvent resistant than acrylic or polycarbonate would have been, providing both a seamless aesthetic and a resilient surface for the pressure-sensitive video displays to adhere to.  

Another local prototype shop specializing in large format exhibits built the shell of the autonomous vehicle display–a wood interior construction encased in fiberglass–based on the engineering work we completed.

We also built in a wireless phone charging station that was back-lit to showcase applications for UV light disinfecting technology as well as a UV light sanitizing refrigerator handle for the “connected kitchen” section of their booth.

Engineering Pattern.png

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