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Connected Home & Travel Pod for CES 2019

Controls and technology solutions company, GHSP, wanted to make a virtual splash at the Consumer Electronics Show exhibiting futuristic product applications for industries like automotive and high-end appliances. Our engineers and model makers helped bring their ambitious vision to life.

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Conduit Office System NeoCon Introduction

We were blessed to be part of an amazing collaboration between West Elm Workspace with Inscape and Gensler that took home two NeoCon awards this year! Leading the engineering and prototyping for the project, we enabled a seamless introduction of the Conduit System at the premier commercial design industry show in Chicago.

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Resurrection of a Lost 1931 Maritime Sign

When the S.S. City of Milwaukee Maritime Museum commissioned us to replicate a long lost 1931 sign, it was all anyone could talk about at Broadview. Being in the business of helping other businesses exposes us to a broad range of projects, and every once in a while, something unique and completely out of our core industry focus comes about, like this awesome vintage sign.

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