Conduit Office System NeoCon Introduction

We were blessed to be part of an amazing collaboration between West Elm Workspace with Inscape and Gensler that took home two NeoCon awards this year! Leading the engineering and prototyping for the project, we enabled a seamless introduction of the Conduit System at the premier commercial design industry show in Chicago.

Contemporary office furniture brand, West Elm Workspace with Inscape and world renowned design firm, Gensler, partnered with Broadview to engineer their new office system, Conduit, and support it’s prototyping and launch.

Based on the vision and designs produced by West Elm and Gensler, Broadview engineered all the components of the system for manufacturing, and managed the huge project of creating full-scale, production-quality prototypes.

With our in-house prototype team building many of the parts, our engineering project manager worked with with suppliers to develop tooling and get parts made. Not only that, but we completed the project on time within 6 months of kick-off (a nearly impossible feat by industry standards).

Our engineers and craftsmen worked very hard on this project, so we were thrilled when Conduit won two Best of NeoCon® awards; a Gold in Furniture Systems and a Silver in Furniture Benching. We are proud of the work we did, and thankful for the opportunity to work on such an exciting product line, with such a passionate group of collaborators.

“The Conduit System is a truly flexible office solution that addresses today’s workplace trends by creating unique user experiences and combining functionality with warmth and versatility,” said Jim Brett, President of West Elm.

“Because our design solutions are rooted in our industry-leading global workplace research, we can deliver designs that support how people do their best, most productive work at the office.” said Andy Cohen, CEO of Gensler.

The Conduit System is the realization of this research – distinctive residential sensibility that meets stringent commercial standards. With the Conduit System, West Elm Workspace and Gensler have landed upon unique design elements and features including:

  • Flexibility: The ultimate space planning solution, Conduit System allows organizations and individuals to create environments for both concentrated work and cross-functional collaboration and congregation. The system provides options to help clients temper visual and sound disturbances in this age of the open office plan.

  • Configurability: Its highly configurable components allow businesses to design branching systems with versatile work zones as well as the ability to reconfigure the same product suite into traditional benching layouts with ease.

  • Residential Sensibility: A unique combination of mixed materials offer choice in a variety of styles and design aesthetics—from brass detailing with modern influences to a spectrum of fabrics, textiles and work surfaces in both laminate and veneer.

  • Power: The wholly integrated Power Wall helps create workspaces untethered from fixed power alternatives while a robust electrical connection under the work surface minimizes the number of plugs running to the wall from the desk. The Power Wall’s top rail serves as a universal bracket system that allows the Conduit System to grow and change over time with the addition of accessories such as shelves, lighting and coat racks.

  • Enhancements: Integrated enhancements permit customization such as freestanding carrels that create zones for concentration without posing a visual distraction. The carrel allows users to focus on work near his or her desk with the option to move it to another location, putting the user in control of their work environment. Additional enhancements include height adjustable work surfaces and privacy screens that address a user’s desire to personalize his or her workstation.

A complete prototype of the Conduit System was on view at NeoCon 2017 in Chicago at the West Elm Workspace with Inscape showroom in the Merchandise Mart. Another full prototype of Conduit was shown at a temporary offsite location near the Mart, which offered a more comprehensive look at the West Elm Workspace with Inscape 2017 products and solutions.